The Most Resilient Bolts on the Planet that Will Not Seize for Five Years— Guaranteed.

Some fasteners may last for long periods of time, but none last as long as Doxsteel, and none do the job with the same level of measurability or certainty. Our dedication to proven solutions, made with controlled processes that have been heavily tested for the end user, has given us the opportunity to provide our customers with a unique promise: our fasteners- which we expect will last 21 years without seizing- will not seize for five years guaranteed. Thanks to our design and a holistic certification process that provides complete end-to-end accountability, Doxsteel Fasteners have soundly outperformed other bolts in corrosion tests.

5yrWarrantyOur warranty provides you with extra value and protection for every part you purchase with us, but also secures less long term downtime for your company and holds us to our promise to eliminate hot bolting from your operations for good through regularly scheduled maintenance. It is the stamp of approval that symbolizes the lessons we have learned firsthand in the field, and the scientific tests we have conducted firsthand in the laboratory. Doxsteel Fasteners accomplish what they were made to do: last long, and remove variability from the process to make your turnaround and general operations simpler, safer, and less expensive.



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    Salt Spray at the Bay.

    “The way I see it, there are applications for everything. I don’t rule anything out when it comes to finding the right tool for the job.”

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