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Barrier to Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners

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Reduce Refinery Downtime with Doxsteel Fasteners

bac21e9f-bc02-447d-93b6-f26ce9ec268e-largeFrom structural bolts to OEM equipment, Doxsteel Fasteners are the optimal solution for your maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) bolting turnaround project. Electroplated using ASTM B994 SC18 Class 1 Nickel-Cobalt alloy, Doxsteel Fasteners stand up to corrosion and resist seizing longer than any other bolt on the market. Our controlled plating process and the coating’s low coefficient of friction make our fasteners easier to torque, help prevent galling, and provide k-factor consistency, allowing MRO turnaround teams to more easily apply the proper torque for the job. ASTM B994 SC18 Class 1 bolts can operate in temperatures ranging from -328°F to 1300°F without compromising their coating, making them the only fastener with a coating that can withstand high temperature environments such as manholes, turbines, and heat exchangers in power generation and petrochemical refinery facilities.

2f49f7f4-0a7a-4041-8a72-1c4a1438a303-originalIn corrosive refinery environments — from cooling towers, sour water systems, and compressors to valves, vessels, and pumps — ASTM B994 SC18 Class 1 Nickel-Cobalt alloy protects thread engagement to avoid costly, time-consuming, unconventional solutions such as single stud replacement or metal disintegration. Where sour water elements like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide attack lesser coatings and increase the risk of hydrogen embrittlement, ASTM B994 SC18 Class 1 bolting acts as a barrier to hydrogen. In high temperature environments where legacy coatings would induce liquid metal embrittlement (LME), facilities can feel confident their bolting is protected without resorting to bolts manufactured with expensive exotic materials.

When bolting seizes, the cost of turnaround has no ceiling. However, with unparalleled protection from high temperatures and corrosion, Doxsteel Fasteners eliminate excessive petrochemical refinery downtime caused by seized bolts.

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