Proceedings of a Workshop


  • THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING published the proceedings of a workshop.  It is a good idea to adopt #API20E and #ASTMB994,  but the following quote summarizes what we all should do to prevent accidents.   We can all learn something from this group of brilliant minds working together.

    "Noting that no specification is a silver bullet, Kachele said the problem must be considered holistically, with controls applying to many different aspects. The Navy recently commemorated the loss of a submarine, the U.S.S. Thresher, which was lost in 1963 after undergoing sea trials. After the accident, the Navy underwent a sea change in its approach to building ships, altering design controls, design reviews, maintenance routines, and material traceability over the ship’s whole lifespan, from ore to disposal. Attacking the problem from “a dozen different angles,” Kechele said, is the best way to minimize the risks as much as possible."

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