Experienced Minds. Innovative Ideas.

Carlos Girault

03072017_PaulRDavisPhoto_DOX_Steel-169“I’ve always been interested in invention and innovation. It’s a family tradition. In fact, I’m the only one in my family who isn’t an engineer.”

Carlos Girault is the visionary leader of Doxsteel Fasteners. Carlos’ spirit for invention and advancing ideas in both theory and practice outlines the grand vision for Doxsteel Fasteners and guides the company toward success. Since experiencing firsthand the pain that comes with having to face widespread bolt failure on cell phone towers in the 1990’s, he has maintained a laser-sharp focus on designing and implementing a better fastener for the entire industry. As a result, Doxsteel Fasteners have become the most scientifically engineered fasteners in the world.

Steve Cabral

03072017_PaulRDavisPhoto_DOX_Steel-184“I’ve been in the fastener business for more than 40 years and I have never in my life seen a bolt that matches the resilience and performance of a Doxsteel Fastener. It’s almost too good to be true.”

Steve started his career in bolting at Lone Star Fasteners in 1969, one of Houston’s original nut and bolt companies. He would stay with Lone Star for more than four decades, becoming one of the most well-known people in the fastener industry.

After a few years off, Steve was lured out of retirement by the possibilities Doxsteel Fasteners could provide. He is fully dedicated to making the transformative fasteners that Doxsteel offers into the universal standard in the industry.

Jim Conley

DOX_Steel-JIM“In this industry, we’ve always been driven to cut costs for clients and to find the next generation of coatings. Without a doubt, Doxsteel Fasteners are the next generation. I know because I’ve tested it.”

Throughout his nearly 50 year career in oil and gas, Jim has been on the lookout for new advances in engineering and technology to save time, money, and lives. In 1995, he began testing and selling bolts at Lone Star Fasteners, which is where he encountered Doxsteel. Jim joined the Doxsteel Fasteners team in 2016, and since then has dedicated himself to spreading the word to the entire industry: the next generation of coated fasteners is here.