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Barrier to Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners

“Wanted to provide you with some pictures of the Doxsteel fasteners we are using. They are holding up extremely well. The BOP has been deployed several times since the fasteners have been installed.”
– Subsea Specialist

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API 20E is the standard that will define bolting for the 21st century. Written in 2012 and expanded in 2017 to include specifications for coating systems, API 20E creates better oversight of the fastener manufacturing process. Time-tested production methods have been reevaluated to produce higher quality bolting, and problematic practices have been prohibited to stand up to the industry challenges of today.

As a third party auditor, API 20E helps bolting vendors prove to their customers that they have properly adhered to industry specifications without cutting any corners. All companies that comply with API 20E receive a license and are entered into a freely searchable database called the API Composite List, giving procurement professionals a second set of eyes to share the risk of fastener evaluation. As a further layer of protection, API 20E provides an easy path for customers to report non-compliance, so each company is constantly driven to maintain and improve production. When it comes to precise operations that determine the wellbeing of a facility and its employees, API 20E is critical to success in today’s bolting environment.

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    Salt Spray at the Bay.

    “The way I see it, there are applications for everything. I don’t rule anything out when it comes to finding the right tool for the job.”

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